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Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2011 v5.1.0.6 | 5.27

SpeedUpMyPC - the program is a handy tuner to your operating system and provides for her a more stable and faster work. The program allows you to free memory and other system resources, prevent crashes, reduce download time and make more effective communication with the Internet. The utility also allows you to monitor the system and makes recommendations to accelerate the startup programs.

SpeedUpMyPC gives the ability to monitor and manage all of your computer's resources with one simple click. System settings, internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for maximum performance achievement. You can also pause or delete the background and startup processes, to produce high-quality multi-pass disk defragmentation and mop up, to respect privacy, completely remove sensitive data and much more.

- Automatic scanning system
- Overview of the CPU
- Improved functionality of the processor
- Review the use of RAM
- Optimize RAM
- Review the use of disk space
- Analyze and Defragment hard drives
- Analysis and optimization of the speed of your Internet connection

- Startup Manager
- Task Manager
- Review of and recommendations for increasing its productivity
- Scan the unnecessary or unwanted data
- Complete destruction of confidential data (optional)
- Manager to uninstall
- Nice and easy user interface
- Run programs at system startup (optional)
- Automatic start scanning the system at boot program (optional)
- Start, the program icon in the system tray.

SpeedUpMyPC combines a professional range of tools to boost your computer's performance. After scanning your system to identify system flaws that are causing data bottlenecks and slowdowns, SpeedUpMyPC wields a multitude of targeted tweaks that boost system resource management, optimize system and network settings and get rid of the junk files that are bloating your hard drive. The result is a more responsive computer that works faster and more efficiently.

Now enhanced with three powerful speed tools, SpeedUpMyPC will also regulate RAM and CPU function, shutting off unnecessary background processes and synchronizing tasks for quicker execution. Powerful but easy to use, SpeedUpMyPC will give your PC a commanding lift in performance with immediate gains in speed and responsiveness.

With SpeedUpMyPC you can:
- Scan your computer to pinpoint impediments slowing you down
- Implement powerful speed up tweaks with a single click
- Improve system resource management for better performance and stability
- Tweak browser settings for a faster browsing experience
- Remove junk files bloating your hard drive
- Access a recovery center to undo changes at will
- Unleash extra power with three powerful speed tools

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There is software Digeus I use it when there are problems with system. I also recommend Windows Tune Up Suite form Windsty. It prevents computer problems.

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