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Dragon Age II with best Texture pack

The main character of Dragon Age II supports one of the few survivors of the destruction
of his home. Now he is fighting for survival in a constantly changing world, to gather powerful allies and
take their rightful place in history. The history of the game will tell you about changing the virtual world
once and for all. The plot of Dragon Age II stretches for about ten years, and your every decision has an
effect on its further development, but in order to become famous, you can go different ways.
A new combat system allows you to take a direct part in the grand battles and end up in the heart
of the battle, despite the chosen class of character. In addition, the graphics in Dragon Age II created a
new engine, to do even more beautiful pictures using the most advanced effects. 

2 Releases !

1) Reloaded Release 6.9 GB
2) Repack 4.1 GB


Reloaded Proper Release 

Size : ( ~ 6.9 GB )

Password : dlgames4free.blogspot.com

Duck-load Single link


 RELOADED Crack and Key Gen. Generate your own install serials.  Serials not for on-line play

 Repack [ RG.Catalys ] [4 GB]

Password : dlgames4free.blogspot.com

Read comments on how to change language.
Duck-load Single link


What is DLC in gaming?

"DLC" stands for downloadable content. It refers to downloadable add-ons to games like new maps or characters.

1)- Download DLC and Install
2)- edit the Dragon Age 2/addins/da2_prc_seb/manifest.xml
Enabled="1" to Enabled="0"
RequiresAuthorization="1" to RequiresAuthorization="0"
3)- Extract the DLC Activator
4)- Copy unlockables.gda to Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\overrid
5)- Run the decrypt.bat to activate DLC 
Black Emporium DLC


Exiled Prince DLC


 Problems With DLC:
For those who are having problems with the DLC telling them that they do not have dragon age 2 installed, simply open up DragonAge2Config, go to repairs and then click all 4, it worked for me Smile
  Dragon Age II - High Resolution Texture Pack


I am extremely sorry for my old DA 2 links. part 38 was faulty & i cant replace it :( I am extremely sorry, it was my mistake that i didn't checked the links before uploading :(
New links upload and 100% working.
dikutip : dlgames4free.blogspot.com

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